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Writing Effective Accomplishment Statements (Member)
Writing Effective Accomplishment Statements (Member)

This teleseminar qualifies for one CEU.

Writing Effective Accomplishment Statements
Pat Kendall, NCRW, JCTC

If you have ever struggled with developing or composing accomplishment statements for your clients, this teleseminar is for you! Learn how to write high-impact achievements for job seekers in any field, at any level. In addition, you'll get practical tips on how to extract information from clients and determine what's most relevant to their potential employers.

Topics include:
  • Leveraging job seekers’ best capabilities.
  • Client interviewing; extracting information from clients (even those with no apparent achievements).
  • Benefits of using a keyword-based approach.
  • Writing techniques to leverage quantifiable and non-quantifiable results.
  • Less is more: Improving impact through strategic editing.

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