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What's a business plan and why in the world would you need one? (Member)
What's a business plan and why in the world would you need one? (Member)

What's a business plan and why in the world would you need one?
Julie Mendez

Tempted to skip over this pesky step when starting (or preparing to expand) your business? DON'T!

Though it might sound completely intimidating, having a business plan helps you focus your company to reflect your personal vision. The process of preparing a business plan assists you in investigate all aspects of your potential business – from developing a successful start-up plan, identifying flaws in strategic direction, and uncovering hidden opportunities. It can also help you clarify all those pesky little financial questions, like "How much can I charge and still get clients? How little can I charge and still survive?"

Join Julie Mendez as she introduces you to the world of business plans, complete with a multitude of tips and handouts to make your journey a little easier to navigate. Topics will include format, market research, pricing, and available resources.

Julie Mendez of JSM Career Coaching offers resume, interview, and job search coaching services. A graduate of New York University, she has over five years in the executive search and recruitment industries, the most recent as a Branch Manager for a temporary placement agency in Washington, DC.

Because of her "gypsy lifestyle" following her husband's Foreign Service career around the world, Julie has also had the opportunity to serve as the Community Liaison Officer at the US Embassy in Rome, Italy; where she developed programs and initiatives to maintain high morale and enhance the quality of life for the US diplomatic community. Julie understands her client's need to find not just a job but the job; and makes it her personal mission to empower them by giving them the skills they need to land the particular job they want and deserve.

Julie received a grant last fall to take an online Entrepreneur Business Course through Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland and is currently pursuing her resume writer certification.
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