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Understanding IT Job Descriptions (Region Reps)
Understanding IT Job Descriptions (Region Reps)

This teleseminar qualifies as a CEU credit!
Understanding IT Job Descriptions
Kevin Morris, NCRW

Are you interested in working with IT clients but don’t understand the technical job descriptions? Are you intimidated by titles like ETL Architect or Data Warehouse Architect? Would you like to know the difference between a systems programmer and programmer analyst? Join us as we remove the mystique surrounding these ever-evolving job titles and break them down to their bare-bone essential functions. You don’t need to be an IT expert to tap into this profitable market; you just need to know the critical elements that employers look for in each job title.

In this teleseminar you’ll learn:

  • How to differentiate job roles
  • Primary and secondary job functions for the most in-demand IT positions
  • Popular and less understood IT terms (An explanation of the differences between infrastructure and architecture, applications and software, a platform and operating system, front-end and back-end, and much more)
  • Where to find information on virtually every IT position and technical term you’ll ever encounter

So stop turning away technical clients and begin adding a new revenue stream to your business. Good IT resume writers are –and will remain- in high demand.

Kevin Morris is a Nationally Certified Résumé Writer, owner of Best IT Résumé, and former president of the National Résumé Writers’ Association. Kevin is an experienced database designer and Web developer who has written résumés for just about every type of job in the IT industry and knows what employers are looking for in an IT candidate.
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