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"Time Management" Doesn't Work (Member)
"Time Management" Doesn't Work (Member)

"Time Management" Doesn't Work: The Real Keys to Productivity
Karen Ussery

Have you ever taken a time management seminar and thought that the people teaching it must be from Mars? Or at least they don't have a schedule like you do, right? That's because there's a fundamental flaw with the notion of "time management." In this teleclass, we'll uncover the real access to your productivity, and specific actions you can take every day to get more done, feel more in control, and be more calm.

You'll learn:
  • How to assess your schedule to make effective decisions about your time
  • How to use your planner, your PDA or whatever you use really work for you
  • How to make time for things that are truly important to you
  • How to not have a meltdown when you get overwhelmed
  • How to delegate to others - even when you don't have anyone to delegate to

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