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Thriving in a Tough Market (Non-Member)
Thriving in a Tough Market (Non-Member)

Please join us for Thriving in a Tough Market: 5 Essential Skills To Prosper While Others Struggle. Each skill set has action steps, and you'll leave with new strategies and specific bottom-line action steps of your own that you can put into play immediately. You'll feel more confident and empowered. What we'll cover:

  1. How do I stay positive but not delusional?
  2. How do I navigate chaos and not give in to overwhelm?
  3. How do I set myself apart and claim the opportunities that are out there?
  4. How do I emerge even stronger and not devastated?
  5. To be most effective, how do I change my thinking?

Pat Schuler is the premier sales trainer and business development coach for independent professionals. Her company, the Gemini Resources Group, delivers strategic and tactical consulting to sales executives ranging from the smallest businesses to Fortune 500 clients.

Pat's approach combines a unique blend of "hard skills" training, mission critical "inner game" skills, and ongoing individualized coaching to deliver kick-butt bottom-line business results. "It's martial arts for business growth," remarked one of her long-term clients. "So much of this I've never seen taught anywhere else." And not only that, Pat's fun to work with.

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