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The Resume is Not Dying -- It is Evolving! (Non-Member)
The Resume is Not Dying -- It is Evolving! (Non-Member)

"The Resume is Not Dying -- It is Evolving!"
Rosa Elizabeth Vargas

As professional résumé writers, we have a responsibility to stay current with trends to ensure the success of our clients amid the advancement of technology and employers' array of employee-vetting choices. This means folding into your résumé writing practice contemporary techniques to ensure your MS Word résumé works in tandem with online branding efforts. Through modern techniques, you will learn how to integrate your clients' digital footprint into your résumé development.

Join Rosa Vargas in a teleseminar to learn how to....
  • Integrate your client's online presence (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) into the résumé you create in MS Word.
  • Write LinkedIn profiles without re-hashing the résumé online, thus creating another tool for your client and service offering for your business.
  • Add color to your résumé, tastefully, so that your traditional résumé gets a facelift in today's visually-rich digital world.
  • Insert QR codes on résumés and blend seamlessly into the format.
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