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Resumes for the Web and Email (Member)
Resumes for the Web and Email (Member)

Resumes for the Web and Email
Pat Criscito

$  Are companies still scanning resumes? Do you still need to create “scannable” resumes?

$  What about ASCII text files? Do you still need to create 60-character line lengths or will a text file with automatic wrap do the job?

$  Do you need to write e-mailable cover letters for your clients? What’s the difference between cover letters for e-mail and letters for posting to a Website?

$  What’s the difference between a Web resume and an e-folio? And how can you create a new profit center without learning HTML?


Get the benefit of Pat’s latest research for the fourth edition of Barron’s Designing the Perfect Resume, which will contain all of the most recent advice for electronic resumes. You will learn about scannable resumes, e-mailable resumes, cover letters for the Web, and e-folios, and more importantly, you will learn how to make money providing new services to your clients. Pat will use the Webinar format   to show you exactly how to create the files you will need to add these profit centers to your business. She will go online and walk you through using these files so you can then coach your clients . . . for money!


Pat Criscito has 30 years of resume and personal branding experience for clients in 42 countries. She is president of ProType, Ltd., in Colorado Springs and the author of Barron’s Guide to Distance Learning, Designing the Perfect Resume, e-Resumes, How to Write Better Resumes and Cover Letters, and Interview Answers in a Flash. You can reach her at pat@protypeltd.com or 719-592-1999.

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