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Profit Builders (Region Reps)
Profit Builders (Region Reps)

Profit Builders: Preparing Clients for a Background Check
Jan Maxwell

While great resumes will get applicants in the door, and solid coaching will help them make the final cut, if they don't pass the background check, they won't get the job. Almost half of the five million background checks run in 2005 found discrepancies on candidate's job applications, many of which could have been avoided. Since over 80% of companies say that inaccuracies can take a qualified candidate out of consideration, preparing for a background check is one of the most important things that a job applicant can do today.

This teleseminar will show you how to guide your clients through the process of preparing for a background check, using the "Job Hunter's Secret Weapon" checklist.

You will learn:

  • How to market this service to your clients
  • Why the information on a resume and a job application should be similar, but different
  • The four most important rules the applicant needs to follow when filling out a job application
  • How applicants can insure that every piece of their information can be verified
  • How your clients can choose and prepare references that will help them get the job

Jan Maxwell is the author of "A Job Hunter's Secret Weapon" (www.jobhunterssecretweapon.com). She spent eighteen years as a pre-employment screener and saw many qualified individuals fail to get hired because the information on their applications had holes and discrepancies or was impossible to verify.
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