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PITA Self-Defense Class Non-Members
PITA Self-Defense Class Non-Members

PITA Self-Defense Class
Shauna Bryce

You’ve heard of self-defense courses that give people easy to understand ways to protect themselves against muggers? Well, here’s a teleseminar to help you protect yourself against difficult clients. Learn about best practices that can deter PITA clients from ever contacting you, increase your ability to identify a potential PITA client before you take them on, reduce the probably of disputes, and help you prevail in a chargeback.

Specifically, we will discuss:

  • Warning signs in potential clients.
  • Methods of payment.
  • Clear terms and conditions.
  • Documenting your services and communications.
  • Creation of a record to help you prevail in a dispute.
  • Walk-through an actual client payment dispute.

Shauna C. Bryce practiced law in an international law firm in Manhattan, a regional law firm, and in-house at a regional company. During this time, she reviewed countless resumes, conducted interviews, worked on a firm's hiring committee, and mentored junior and mid-level associates. She then brought her expertise to job hunters, becoming a professional legal resume writer and career advisor. Shauna brings with her not only her own experiences, but lessons learned from an extensive network of government attorneys, law professors, lawyers for non-profits, attorneys in firms of all sizes, lawyers serving in quasi-legal and non-legal positions, international and foreign-born lawyers, and legal recruiters.

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