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Outlook: Easy Time Management Secrets (Members)
Outlook: Easy Time Management Secrets (Members)

Outlook: Easy Time Management Secrets
Jody Owen

Do you know how to use all of the time and energy saving features of Outook?

I will teach you how to:

  • Structure your time and calendar so you can be prepared for every meeting!
  • Sort out all of those emails and keep them under control!
  • Learn how to delegate tasks and track their progress
  • Customize contacts so you can access who you need quickly and easily
  • Have a place for all of those miscellaneous notes, instead of having them stuck all over your monitor!

Do you know how to use all of the time and energy saving features of Outlook? Most people say that they know the basics, but also know there is a lot more they could be doing. They just don't know how. Come and learn how to optimize your use of this great program!

We will focus on those "other" things that really save time and effort, so you can be more productive, make more money and get the job done easily! I even throw in organizing tips and strategies to help you realize how this information plays into your day to day schedules and tasks. People often say, “Wow! I wish I knew that a long time ago!” after going through this session.

Jody started learning how the computer could help people be more productive at the very beginning of when word processing came on the scene. During her many years working in the corporate and small business sectors, she continuously learned about the programs that would help get people working more quickly, and taught in-house classes in many of the places where she worked, and for her clients in her own business.

She now has focused on Outlook as a primary way to save time and energy, and has established herself as being a go-to source for her clients and close community. Since the demand has been increasingly higher for her quick tips and “ah-ha’s”, she is now extending her knowledge to everyone via webinars. The great advantage is that because of her administrative, leadership and professional organizing backgrounds, she can present a much fuller picture on the great uses of this powerful program.

Her mission is to “clear a path to freedom” for people, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She specializes in helping businesses people maximize their effectiveness and create the kind of spaces and systems that allow them to be productive, creative and balanced.

She is a Charter Member and President of the National Association of Professional Organizers-Arizona Chapter, President’s Choice Award winner and Founder’s Award Winner.

The Space You’re In—Transformation thru Organization.
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