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NRWA Associate Membership
NRWA Associate Membership
Regular members of The NRWA can allow employees or partners of their company to become an Associate member of The NRWA. Those applying for Associate member status will be verified with the individual listed as the Regular member. Associate members receive all the same regular member benefits. Associate members who disassociate from Regular member of The NRWA must upgrade to their own Regular membership if they want to continue receiving The NRWA benefits.
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* Membership in The NRWA is subject to approval by the board of directors upon receipt of application or renewal. Membership is not automatic based on receipt of dues. Members agree to abide by the rules, regulations, and Code of Ethics of The NRWA. I have read and agree to be accountable under The NRWA’s code of ethics, e-list procedures, and other policies and understand that the failure to do so may result in cancellation of membership and all benefits associated.:
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