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Listening for Buying Signals (Member)
Listening for Buying Signals (Member)

Listening for Buying Signals: How to Better Respond to Client Needs

Why do people buy? As a business owner, understanding how and why consumers buy can help you present your capabilities and services to new prospective customers in a way that meets each customer's unique needs. This class will help you make changes to handle future customers smoothly and profitably. Includes checklists, examples, charts, and resources.

After taking this training session, participants will be able to:
  • Explain why customers buy and the impact of emotional "pain" and "pleasure" on the buying process
  • Recognize common buying signal statements and situations from prospective clients
  • Categorize prospects into 4 personality styles based on the conversation and the client's statements and questions
  • Develop a Listening Plan that is unique to their business and tailored for the 4 personality styles
  • Plan specific steps to help themselves improve after class
  • Enjoy increased confidence about their ability to listen to clients and present solutions.

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