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How to Write Cover Letters that Win Interviews (Member)
How to Write Cover Letters that Win Interviews (Member)

This teleseminar qualifies as a CEU credit!
How to Write Cover Letters that Win Interviews

Writing outstanding resumes for our clients isn't enough. They need POWERFUL cover letters. Cover letters are business letters that should inform, entice and captivate prospective employers. Learn new tricks and principles to create an easy-to-read letter that stands out from the sea of generic-sounding correspondence and make the employer want to read the attached resume! Includes examples, checklists and resources.

After taking this training session, participants will be able to:

  • Explain why cover letters are used, how they differ from resumes, and what employers want in a cover letter
  • Describe the different types of cover letters and the different parts of the letter
  • Recognize common cover letter mistakes
  • Explain to clients how to use "online" and "email" cover letters
  • Develop customized cover letters for different clients: new graduates, entry level, mid-management, senior executives and technical professionals
  • Choose from options to handle tough cover letter issues such as salary requests, how to properly address cover letters, and how to respond to want ads
  • Plan specific steps to help themselves improve their cover letter writing skills after class
  • Enjoy increased confidence about their ability to write cover letters that get clients job interviews

Gail Frank is a career services professional who offers outplacement workshops, resume writing and interview training for small companies and individuals. She is a doubly certified resume writer (NCRW & CPRW), as well as a Certified Job Coach (JCTC) and Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP). She is currently getting certified as a Professional Teleclass Leader through Teleclass International.

Gail is a Harvard graduate with a degree in Economics, and has a 10-year corporate background in Brand Management, Marketing & Operations for Procter & Gamble and BIC Corporation. She holds a masters degree in Adult Education/Corporate Training and also works as a trainer and consultant for top outplacement firm DBM. In addition, she runs a marketing consulting firm helping small business owners with marketing, communications and training solutions.
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