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How to Sell Job Search Research Services to Clients (Non-Member)
How to Sell Job Search Research Services to Clients (Non-Member)

How to Sell Job Search Research Services to Clients
Barbara Safani

There’s a wealth of free job relevant information available to job seekers that can be used to help them improve the efficiency of their search and potentially secure a new job faster. During this teleseminar, participants will learn what research and job information tools are available both online and off and how to sell research packages to their clients. More specifically participants will:

  • Uncover aggregate and niche boards to maximize efficiencies when posting on line.
  • Find out what job search tools are available in the reference section of your local library.
  • Learn ways to find industry relevant magazines and reports.
  • Discover ways to pitch, price, and package this add on service to create more robust job search packages for clients.
Barbara Safani, owner of Career Solvers, has over twelve years of experience in career management, recruiting, executive coaching, and organizational development. Ms. Safani partners with both Fortune 100 companies and individuals to deliver targeted programs focusing on résumé development, job search strategies, networking, interviewing, and salary negotiation skills. She is a triple-certified resume writer, contributor to numerous career-related publications, and co-creator of the resume writer certification exam for an internationally recognized career professionals’ organization.
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