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From Transactional to Valuable (Member)
From Transactional to Valuable (Member)

From Transactional to Valuable: Building a Streamlined Sales System with Legs
Phyllis Shabad

How well are you prepared to respond to potential client inquiries with speed, confidence and masterful relationship management? Do you have a structured sales system in place that will help you close large client deals—a system that allows you to control the timing, direction and purpose of each “conversation?” Or, do you fall into a trap—time after time—responding to FAQs (you know, the ones you could write a book on) that block your “value message” and “sales mission?” If you think about how you operate your business, do you find that you enjoy selling your services, or do you feel “icky”—that selling is a necessary evil, and standard fare for running a private service practice? Well, there are low-cost / low-tech answers to help you grow a critical piece of your business.

This teleseminar will teach you how to:
  • Develop a streamlined, easy-to-execute system that will help you close more sales—and more profitable ones.
  • Use materials, documents and tools that you already have to build your system.
  • Ask the right questions to expertly manage the relationship from inception.
  • Find your niche audience and market to it while building your reputation and authenticity with a growing, loyal base. You’ll use your new sales system to accomplish this goal.
Your takeaway: a focused, organized sales plan for a virtual résumé/career practice that grows your business from transactional to valuable.

While attendance in a previous teleseminar is not a requirement, this teleseminar will be a supplement to ideas presented in "Exceptional Writing: Turning Standard Content into Effective & Memorable Prose."
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