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Exceptional Writing (Member)
Exceptional Writing (Member)

This teleseminar qualifies for one CEU.

Exceptional Writing: Turning Standard Content into Effective & Memorable Prose
Phyllis Shabad

Challenged to express achievement stories with writing that is crisp, compelling, and sharp, the resume writer must have a process mindset that keeps language fresh and respects each client’s voice. Producing high-quality copy is hard enough; what is even harder is developing copy solutions that turn bland bulleted statements into must-read, differentiated content that decision-makers will take pleasure in reading. Too often, resume writers lose their passion for expression simply because they feel bound by repetitive language, restrictive patterns, and limiting options to get to an excellent result. Well, it’s time to break out of the writing rut that we have all faced at one time. In this teleseminar writers will learn to:

  • Identify and eliminate hackneyed phrases and key word sets that keep the reader from addressing the critical core content.
  • Plan a resume product that integrates the client’s communication style, personal brand and thought process with his/her words.
  • Write resumes and other career products using more sophisticated language yet with an improved readability rate.
  • Develop a writing habit that is FUN and RELIABLE, and tools that are COMMERCIALLY USEFUL and SPEED PROJECT EXECUTION.

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