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Elevator Speech Makeover (Member)
Elevator Speech Makeover (Member)

Elevator Speech Makeover
Pat Schuler

On a scale of 0 to 10 (10 = works like a charm, works every time, and 0 = yuk), my current elevator speech/60-second commercial is ________.

What we'll cover:
  • What critical test must your elevator speech pass in order to be compelling?
  • What 3 key ingredients must be included in your elevator speech in order to get to the next step?
  • What does the listener need to hear so you stand out in his/her mind?
  • How do you know your elevator speech is working?
  • What does it take for you to be satisfied and comfortable using your elevator speech?
Join us as we welcome renowned Sales Trainer and Business Development Consultant Pat Schuler as she does elevator speech makeovers for several lucky attendees. Pat will lead you through the process of fine tuning and reworking the elevator speech so it really works for you. This is a value you can offer your clients as well.

Many of you already know the key to successful business networking is your ability to quickly and succinctly articulate your unique value in the form of your 60-second commercial or elevator speech. If you've never been satisfied with your elevator speech or if you suspect yours could be stronger and more effective, come see what an elevator speech makeover is really like and leave with a stronger, more compelling 60-second commercial.

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