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Cut to the Chase! Resume Writing Strategies That Get to the Point Quickly (Non-Member)
Cut to the Chase! Resume Writing Strategies That Get to the Point Quickly (Non-Member)

This teleseminar qualifies as a CEU credit!
Cut to the Chase! Resume Writing Strategies That Get to the Point Quickly
Barbara Safani

You’ve just interviewed your client, and you are getting ready to sit down and create a great résumé. Sure, you’ve asked probing questions to uncover accomplishment-focused, metrics-driven information. But before you sit down to write, you need to look at the big picture behind these accomplishments to tell a succinct, yet comprehensive story of value to employers. A long list of accomplishment bullets with no common theme or thread just doesn’t cut it, and makes it more difficult for hiring authorities to uncover your client’s value proposition. In today’s “give it to me quickly” environment, employers are looking for the “Cliff Notes” so they can get through resumes faster. During this one-hour teleseminar, participants will learn:

  • Strategies for creating competency themes for content to quickly engage employers.
  • Methods for developing strong umbrella statements to prove big-picture success.
  • Hints for building content for the profile section that rests on proven results rather than overused, boring personal attributes.
  • Writing strategies to make your resumes Blackberry friendly.
  • Tips for design and formatting your documents to get your key points across quickly.

Barbara Safani, owner of Career Solvers, has more than 12 of experience in career management, recruiting, executive coaching, and organizational development. Ms. Safani partners with both Fortune 100 companies and individuals to deliver targeted programs focusing on resume development, job-search strategies, networking, interviewing, and salary-negotiation skills. She is a triple-certified resume writer, contributor to numerous career-related publications, and co-creator of the resume writer certification exam for an internationally recognized career professionals’ organization.

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