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Creating a Practical & Usable Business Plan For Growth (Non-Member)
Creating a Practical & Usable Business Plan For Growth (Non-Member)

Creating a Practical & Usable Business Plan For Growth

Does the phrase "Business Plan" cause you to panic? Just like most of our clients are afraid (or don't know how) to write a resume, writing a business plan can be intimidating. It doesn't have to be! You can learn to develop a customized, simple, effective and usable business plan for growth and financial success. Does not require extensive knowledge of accounting and finance; the focus will be on strategy and simple principles. Includes examples, checklists, resources and templates.

After taking this training session, participants will be able to:

  • Explain why the business planning process can help a business owner make choices and priorities about business growth
  • Evaluate their own personal roadblocks to writing a business plan, and why the lack of a plan creates problems
  • Complete a business plan using a traditional format, with simple financial measures
  • Use a non-conventional business plan format to achieve growth and results
  • Choose and track their own success benchmarks at regular intervals
  • Plan specific steps to help themselves commit to business planning in some way
  • Enjoy increased confidence about their ability to begin planning, writing and measuring their business success versus their goals

Gail Frank is a career services professional who offers outplacement workshops, resume writing and interview training for small companies and individuals. She is a doubly certified resume writer (NCRW & CPRW), as well as a Certified Job Coach (JCTC) and Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP). She is currently getting certified as a Professional Teleclass Leader through Teleclass International.

Gail is a Harvard graduate with a degree in Economics, and has a 10-year corporate background in Brand Management, Marketing & Operations for Procter & Gamble and BIC Corporation. She holds a masters degree in Adult Education/Corporate Training and also works as a trainer and consultant for top outplacement firm DBM. In addition, she runs a marketing consulting firm helping small business owners with marketing, communications and training solutions
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