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ASCII Conversion Tips (Region Reps)
ASCII Conversion Tips (Region Reps)

ASCII Conversion Tips
Gary Sanchez

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there about ASCII text conversion. We will explore an easy and quick method of converting Word documents to ASCII text that can be copied and pasted into text boxes on the Internet and in the body of an e-mail message that will result in the best presentation to the recipient.

Subjects covered will include:
  • How to easily and quickly format an ASCII text document in Word and Notepad so that it will be the most usable in various applications.
  • How to format a Word document so that it easily converts to other formats including ASCII text and HTML for Web pages.

This teleseminar will be based on Notepad for ASCII and HTML as well as Word 2007; Word 2003 questions can be addressed.

Gary Sanchez of CareerPro.com has been writing resumes professionally since he took over CareerPro.com in 2001. At that time, Gary had been writing professionally for more than 12 years as a paralegal and as an entrepreneur writing business plans and marketing pieces for various business ventures of his own and for customers. Gary has experience in many fields including construction, transportation, the law, and personal computers. An early adopter of technology, Gary has been utilizing personal computers at home and in business since the 1970s.

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