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A Critical Key to Writing an Outstanding Resume (Non-Member)
A Critical Key to Writing an Outstanding Resume (Non-Member)

This teleseminar qualifies as a CEU credit!
A Critical Key to Writing an Outstanding Resume: Asking the Right Questions
Betty Williams, NCRW, CPRW

Do you promise your clients that your résumé will make them stand out from the crowd? Do you sometimes wonder if your questions have uncovered all the important information you need? Getting the right information from our clients is crucial to the development of résumés that truly separate them from the rest of the pack. In this teleseminar, you will go beyond the basic questions and learn how to discover important information that will help you produce documents that truly distinguish your clients from their competitors.

Information in the teleseminar will help you:

  • Get those introverted clients talking.
  • Get those extroverted clients to focus.
  • Draw out critical information that clients may think is unimportant.
  • Ask the same question in a variety of ways so that you get what you need.
  • Learn specific questions for people in sales, management, law, and other occupations.

Learn some of Betty's secrets for working with various types of clients. If you are committed to marketing your client in the best way possible, you will not want to miss this.

A former assistant director, job search counselor, marketing director, and assertiveness training instructor at an adult career and life-planning center, Betty H. Williams is the owner of BW Custom Resumes. She has been working with people in career transition for over 25 years and understands the importance of helping clients accurately articulate their strengths.
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