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Insider Tips for Writing Attorney Résumés (Non-Member)
Insider Tips for Writing Attorney Résumés (Non-Member)

Insider Tips for Writing Attorney Résumés
Shauna C. Bryce, JD, CPRW

Thousands of lawyers have been laid off—and that’s just in the top law firms. Many consider the current hiring climate to be the most difficult the legal industry has faced. Even in the best of times, drafting attorney résumés can be a challenge. Now, clients need assistance more than ever. In this one-hour seminar, we will explore strategies to help new and experienced lawyers in a challenging hiring environment. Specifically, we will discuss:

  • Trends in legal hiring.
  • Critical things to ask your attorney-client before writing the résumé
  • Hard and soft skills legal employers look for and how to present them
  • Idiosyncrasies in legal résumés and legal hiring
  • Managing your relationship with your attorney-client

As an attorney, Shauna C. Bryce practiced law in an international law firm in Manhattan, a regional law firm, and in-house at a regional company. During this time, she reviewed countless résumés, conducted interviews, worked on a firm's hiring committee, and mentored junior and mid-level associates. She then brought her expertise to job hunters, becoming a professional legal résumé writer and career advisor. Shauna brings to this presentation, not only her own experiences, but lessons learned from an extensive network of government attorneys, law professors, lawyers for nonprofits, attorneys in firms of all sizes, lawyers serving in quasi-legal and non-legal positions, international and foreign-born lawyers, and legal recruiters. Shauna currently serves on the board of The National Résumé Writers’ Association as Ethics Chair.
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