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12 Steps to a Better Résumé
12 Steps to a Better Résumé

12 Steps to a Better Résumé—Write Faster and Make More Money by Learning this Award-winning Résumé Writing Process
Pat Criscito, CPRW

In 1996, Pat developed a 12-step résumé writing process that was published in the first edition of her Barron’s book Résumés in Cyberspace. The editors of The Wall Street Journal published the 12-step process in their National Employment Business Weekly, and it was selected as one of the ten best articles of 1997. With minimal updates over the years, the article has been permanently archived at www.careerjournal.com. In 2002, Barron’s expanded the 12-step process into a full-size book (How to Write Better Résumés and Cover Letters).

You'll learn:
  • Maximize your clients’ data collection efforts so they will be prepared to talk with you during a phone or in-person interview.
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to get the information you need to write the best résumé for each client.
  • Decide whether to use questionnaires and worksheets . . . or not.
  • Prepare yourself with the right questions for your client interviews or worksheets.
  • Find and use the right keywords so the résumés you write are searchable.
  • Use the data collected to write a better résumé, faster.
  • Determine the best order for information and sections.
  • Learn how to use typesetting design rules to make your résumés more readable.
  • Get past writer’s block.

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